Why Is Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss Right for You?

Why Is Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss Right for You?

Achieving long-term weight loss is challenging, and it’s incredibly difficult if you’re someone who’s tried different diets or weight loss methods that didn’t work for you. Fortunately, bariatric surgery can produce sustainable weight loss and jump-start healthy lifestyle changes. If you’re considering surgery, continue reading to learn why bariatric surgery for weight loss is right for you.

Joint Pain Relief

If you’re overweight and experience joint pain, bariatric surgery may be for you. When you carry excess weight, you put a lot of stress and pressure on your joints. As a result, you may experience chronic pain or joint damage. After undergoing bariatric surgery, your joints will feel relief because of the weight loss. Many patients enjoy having more mobility with little to no joint pain.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Weight loss surgery can decrease a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke. According to heart.org, “Combined with diet and exercise, bariatric surgery can result in significant weight loss and reduce the risk of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.” In addition, patients with medical conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol experience lower levels and relief from some of their symptoms.

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Obesity is a significant factor for developing type 2 diabetes. This diagnosis is a leading cause of kidney failure and increases the risk of high blood pressure, kidney disease, and nervous system disease. Bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of these diagnoses. However, if you’re someone with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, bariatric surgery can help you experience long-term remission.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure because it can jump-start your long-term weight loss journey. This weight loss can relieve medical conditions that typically flare up with excess weight. In addition, bariatric surgery heavily encourages a healthy lifestyle that features a nutritious diet and frequent exercise. As a result, your body will feel better, and you may feel happier.

Sustainable weight loss is challenging. However, bariatric surgery can help you achieve long-term results and kickstart healthy lifestyle changes. After reading our guide on why bariatric surgery for weight loss is right for you, we hope you consider these things. If you’re interested in bariatric surgery and live in the Las Vegas area, you should contact ALGSN Bariatrics. Our team of bariatric surgeons in Las Vegas can help you! If you have any questions, call us today.