Things To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

Things To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

Things To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

There are often a lot of factors that go into a person’s decision to undergo weight loss surgery. For some, there just isn’t another realistic way to lose weight in a timely manner when they have other health concerns. Whether you or a loved one is preparing to go through this procedure, take a look at this list of just some of the things to expect after weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss

Because the exact amount is going to be different for everyone, it’s best to consult with your doctor to know what you can expect. Your current weight and which operation you opt for can impact how much weight you lose after the procedure. The patients who have a sleeve gastrectomy experience a loss of roughly 40 percent of their excess weight. The majority of people who get gastric bypass surgery will end up losing about 60 percent of their extra weight. Naturally, this is one of the most common things to expect after weight loss surgery.

Side Effects

Weight loss surgery can cause both short-term and long-term issues. The long-term risk will differ based on the type of surgery that is performed. About 40 percent of individuals have at least one issue. The complication rate is under five percent. Bring any concerns that you have to your doctor’s attention. Some of the most common issues people experience are constipation, gallstones, and dumping syndrome.

Lifestyle Changes

Weight loss surgery can give you remarkable results. To successfully keep the weight off, you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle as well. Weight loss surgery results in a tiny stomach that can only contain so much. A huge meal could cause complications. Many people struggle to get used to eating smaller meals since it takes effort. It’s a good idea to seek out advice from a nutritionist if you want to establish a nutritional plan that meets all of your nutritional needs. Exercise helps you maintain weight loss, and since weight loss may have improved your joints, you should give it a try once you’ve recovered.

Weight loss surgery certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is right for some people. Those people deserve to have the best care possible, which is exactly what we here at ALGSN Bariatric try to do every single day. Whether you need a gastric bypass or a gastric balloon, our gastric balloon doctors are here to answer any questions you might have.