Gastric Sleeve Surgery

At ALGSN, we proudly help our bariatric patients meet their goals by offering qualified gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas. If you’ve struggled in your weight loss journey, this option could truly change your life.

What Is a Gastric Sleeve?

A laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, involves the removal of about 80% of your stomach. During the procedure, the surgeon will make several small incisions in your abdomen and insert a small camera to gain a full view of the stomach. Your gastric sleeve doctor will then divide the stomach into two unequal parts, removing the larger section, so you’re left with a substantially smaller stomach. This process is minimally invasive and allows for a faster and smoother recovery. The surgery should take no longer than an hour and a half, and many patients are discharged from the hospital within two days.

How Will a Gastric Sleeve Help Me Lose Weight?

This procedure drastically changes your stomach’s size and shape. With a quarter less of its original capacity, you’ll feel full much faster when eating. This can assist with portion control, which is an important aspect of weight loss. A smaller stomach can also speed along your digestive system, and in some cases, hormonal changes may even reduce your appetite.

Following the surgery, you must abide by the strict dietary guidelines your doctor sets. Slowly adding solid foods back into your diet, along with careful management of how much you eat, will help you achieve long-term success.

If you’re interested in getting gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas, let the qualified team at ALGSN help you determine whether this is the right procedure for you. We’ll walk you through the insurance approval process, provide a thorough consultation, and discuss your goals in extensive detail. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.